Consumer Products

Killing germs and microbes with harsh or dangerous products is easy.


Killing germs and microbes with harsh or dangerous products is easy. Doing it safely, combined with gentleness and persistence has never been done before, which is where Byotrol becomes invaluable. Byotrol delivers long-lasting antimicrobial protection, being deadly to germs yet harmless to you and your family.

Byotrol is dedicated to improving lives around the world by developing and commercialising market-leading, antimicrobial technologies and products. We specialise in high performance, sustainable and regulatory-approved chemical technologies and products, especially those which challenge traditional sanitisation and cleaning methods.

Our technologies are utilised across professional and consumer markets, in products for both surfaces and hands, in environments where good hygiene is of the greatest importance. Byotrol believes in scientific excellence, superior hygiene, the responsible use of biocides and, above all, easier, cleaner, safer lives for everyone.


– Long-lasting microbial control 
– Highly effective, but gentle

– Byotrol’ s non-hazardous profile (alcohol free, non-flammable, non-corrosive) makes it gentle for staff to use on all surfaces: stainless steel, plastic, tiles, floors, walls, desks, fridges, sanitary ware, fitness equipment, as well as fabric, furnishings, carpets and upholstery. 


 – Byotrol 4-in-1 – Detergent, Disinfectant, Stain and Odour remover
 – Byotrol QFS Surface Sanitiser – Safe for ULV Fogging
 – INVIRTU – Water-based hand sanitiser – Foam format