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Landmark test result released for Byotrol 4-in-1 cleaner & disinfectant

8 Jun 2020 noltech Comments Off


We are pleased to announce that our Byotrol 4-in-1 Multi-purpose Cleaner & Disinfectant has successfully passed the new residual virucidal test, confirming that it provides COVID-19 protection on frequently touched hard surfaces for 24-hours.

This is the first time that users can have confidence that the disinfectant they have purchased will provide 24-hour protection against coronavirus on frequently touched hard surfaces in public spaces – from lift-buttons to worktops, light switches to doorhandles.
The new test standard was developed to replicate in-use conditions rather than the perfect laboratory environment typically used in such tests. This marks a significant step forward for the testing of disinfectant products in the future.
Whilst other disinfectant manufacturers have claimed long-lasting protection against Coronavirus over the course of the pandemic, this is the first time the claim has been supported by such rigorous test data. The test was performed to a long-lasting test method against a relevant virus – and crucially, using abrasion to mimic the ‘real-life’ conditions of the product in-use.

UK-based Byotrol plc, which developed and performed the new test, has a team of virologists and microbiologists who have worked on the project over several months to ensure that the data is robust, resulting in Byotrol declaring that its 4-in-1 Multi-Purpose Cleaner & Disinfectant is proven to protect against coronavirus on hard surfaces for 24-hours after application.
Professor James Stewart, Chair of Molecular Virology at the University of Liverpool reviewed and verified the results externally, and was keen to comment on what the result means for the future of disinfectants:
“A validation of the effectiveness of surface disinfectants against viruses using this test is an important step forward for the industry and consumers alike.”

In 2014, Byotrol’s technical team, with the help of independent industry experts, established the BSI-approved PAS 2424:2014 method for confirming long-lasting protection of disinfectants against bacteria. The PAS 2424:2014 test is currently being reviewed by the CEN Committee for approval as a new European EN test standard.

Byotrol’s 4-in-1 is fast-acting. It kills 99.99% of bacteria and viruses, and offers long-lasting antimicrobial protection for up to 24 hours, even in frequently-touched areas. It contains the ActizoneTM polymer technology from Solvay, which anchors antimicrobial actives to the surface enabling the residual antimicrobial nature of the formulation.

ActizoneTM technology traps antimicrobial actives to form a protective film on surfaces. The actives initially kill 99.9% of bacteria and viruses and go on to deliver 24-hour protection and peace of mind to consumers while ensuring excellent shine and a residue-free finish.

The product is supported by a full microbiological test data pack including efficacy against coronavirus, influenza A (H1N1), and rotavirus in just 60 seconds. It has been tested to UK and European standard test methods. It is compliant with the European Biocidal Products Regulation and can be used safely in a multitude of environments.

The business says that the test results will give its customers and end-users more confidence in which products on the market are proven to be effective.

Rick Hayman, Managing Director of Byotrol’s Professional Sales Division said: “Many organisations and distribution channels have expressed concern over the mysticism of claims made by suppliers in the disinfection market. This latest test development will provide the necessary assurance to those organisations seeking proof of residual efficacy against viruses and other micro-organisms, whilst protecting their stakeholders as lockdown relaxes in the UK.”

For our Southern Africa market, this validation will enable us to stand out from numerous solutions in the market. We can offer long lasting protection to our corporate, medical and hospitality clients that can now include 4-in-1 in their daily hygiene cleaning routines.

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