Focused on Disinfection

Byoworks has been the trusted disinfection partner across diverse industries in Southern Africa for the past 10 years.

We believe in harnessing science whilst protecting the environment. We are the exclusive licence holders for Byotrol in Africa and manufacture a range of specialised, fit for purpose products based on Byotrol’ s unique technologies and formulations

Byotrol is dedicated...

to improving lives around the world by developing
and commercializing market-leading, antimicrobial
technologies, and products.

Hand Care

with exceptional
antimicrobial efficacy.

With exceptional antimicrobial efficacy, INVIRTU alcohol‑free Hand Foam Sanitiser is proven to be as or even more effective as/than alcohol sanitisers, with many additional benefits.

Surface Disinfection

When food safety is paramount, Listeria control is a priority.

Byotrol Surface Sanitiser Concentrate’s highly effective performance and long-lasting antimicrobial action through residual technology, offers a technical as well as an economic and logistical solution.

Efficient Cleaning

Reducing cleaning time is key to increasing operational efficiency.

Whether you’re disinfecting restaurant tables or cleaning expensive gym equipment, you need a product that is highly effective against dirt, germs, stains, and odours and yet non-hazardous and gentle on surfaces



Cross-industry Solutions

Food Manufacturing / Kitchen Hygiene

Our product range is particularly well suited to today’s complex commercial food environments. This includes food manufacturing plants, beverage plants, food service units and the hospitality industry.

Healthcare Facilities & Private Practice

The very young, elderly and the sick are all at increased risk of infection from microbes, including both low- and high-grade pathogens, such as drug resistant strains (superbugs) like MRSA.

Consumer Products

Killing germs and microbes with harsh or dangerous products is easy. Doing it safely, combined with gentleness and persistence has never been done before, which is where Byotrol becomes invaluable.

Contract Cleaning & Facilities Management

We recognise the value of operational efficiency, as well as the constant need to protect the health of your clients and their employees. Our product are packed with value compared to current solutions.