Focused on Disinfection

Byoworks has been the trusted disinfection partner across diverse industries in Southern Africa for the past 10 years. We believe in science and the environment. We partner with Byotrol plc in Southern Africa and manufacture a range of fit for purpose products based on Byotrol’s unique technologies and formulations.

Byotrol is a UK based market-leading, antimicrobial technologies business. We are a proud partner and associate, bringing these technologies, products and relevant hygiene solutions to Southern Africa.

We supply cost effective long lasting (broad spectrum) anti-microbial solutions that are gentle on skin, do not damage capital equipment or the environment and are easy to implement.

Re-writing the rules of hygiene

After it has dried, Byotrol leaves an invisible barrier which not only kills 99.99% of germs, but continues to work, keeping bugs at bay for up to 24 hours on work surfaces.

This is how we can help keep your employees safe in the office environment. Our disinfectants can be applied through trigger spray, wipes and cold fogging.

Hand care effective against Coronavirus

  • Water-based, Alcohol-free Hand Sanitiser
  • Unscented and suitable for the food industry
  • Byoworks Hand Sanitiser has successfully passed European Standards EN1276 (Log 5 reduction) against bacteria and EN 14476 (Log 4 reduction) against viruses, which includes Feline Coronavirus.

Long-lasting surface care

  • Suitable for food and beverage production facilities.
  • Active for 24 hours after application
  • Expert Listeria control even at low temperatures
  • No taint

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