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Byotrol Sanitising Wipes

Surface Sanitising Wipes provide convenient, powerful  germ protection. Ideal for both daily workspaces and  expensive equipment that requires clean and sanitisation  between use. Approved for food use. It is water-based, non-corrosive and non-hazardous in use and kind to the environment.


Successfully passed European Standards EN1276 against bacteria (TC 114), EN1650 against yeasts and moulds (TC142)

EN13697 surface test against bacteria (TC124) and virucidal efficacy testing against Rotavirus (TC155). Residual efficacy

testing against bacteria (TC137). It also has Intertek toxicology conformity and NRCS registration.


Convenient to use, quick drying and no rinse. Can be used as a terminal sanitiser for cleaning-as-you-go between product
runs or at break times.

Can be used for a variety of applications, including tables, conveyors, and all types of equipment
within the Food and Beverage industries. In Healthcare it can be used on patient contact areas and all types of equipment
including monitors, blood-gas machines, syringe drivers etc.